Monday, June 14, 2010


I have reviewed Samuel Song's Project

Filefront - Final Crysis War Level

Google Warehouse - Elevators and Dining Table

Image Captures of Developed Crysis War

This shot is taken from the Dining table, overlooking Helen Keller's office.
This shot is taken from the Dining table, overlooking Miranda Kerr's office.
This shot is an overall shot of the two offices, and the meeting place, which is located in the middle of the bridge.
This shot shows the bridge connected to Miranda Kerr's office, which leads to the Dining table.
This shot shows Miranda Kerr's office. Unlike Helen Keller's office, Kerr's office is very curvy, made from 'rotational' texture, and the elevator is also formed to be curvy with 'attraction' texture. This shows the power of Kerr's physical appearance, in which her power comes from her attractive curves as well as her intelligence. Miranda Kerr's office is of bright turquoise colour to accentuate the sense of beauty, peacefulness and calmness, which contributes to her 'power'.
This shot shows Helen Keller's office, and her elevator. The office is constructed with 'linear' texture and the elevator is constructed with 'attraction' texture. The red light symbolises power, and also symbolises 'danger' as she was deaf and blind, yet was an author, activist and lecturer. The use of straight bold squares which constructs her office and elevator, accentuates her sense of overcoming adversities, and succeeding, which contributes to her 'power'.

Sketchup model - Dining Table

Sketchup model - Elevators

Helen Keller's Elevator

Miranda Kerr's Elevator

Sketchup model - Bridge